INFIS is home to activists who have a passion for documentary films and has concerned to develop and bring the Indonesian richness of nature and culture to the public.

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Research Assistant

When she was in college, Hardiyanti loves to do nature and environmental activities. Her research about wildlife crime in Jabodetabek brought her to graduate from Biology Department in Pakuan University, Bogor. Dian (as many of her friends call her) was born in Bogor, on April 11th 1994. She grows and thrives in Batanghari, Jambi.

Dian really loves to do social activities, field works, and travel to many places. For her, as long as she can learn and earn her knowledge, those activities are important to do.

Join with INFIS since January 2017, Dian involved in research activities and data collecting. Especially, she will assist to collect interesting data and information about the distribution and threat of hornbills in Indonesia.