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Ridzki Rinanto Sigit
Mass Communication Specialist

In the past 15 years, Ridzki has dedicated himself to be environmental activists in promoting Indonesian natural resource management. Graduated from Forest Technology Bogor Agricultural University in 1995 and continue to accomplish his Magister of Management in 1997. In 2015 he has been completed his PhD at Communication Science, Sahid University, Jakarta.

Various activities and career path has run his sprawling in documentary film experiences with more than 20 documentary films produced and directed when he become founder and director of Gekko Studio between 2006 to 2009. His “Deadly Sprays in Archipelago” film that was directed by Nanang Sujana and Hugesta Prattama has gain an award from Filmmaker for Conservation for the best film scripted, following by his films titled “5×5” that also awarded by 31st Montana International Wild Life Film Festival in 2008 for best culture message film production. In 2008, his film titled “My Forest Tears” become the officially film for Earth Day for French web based company Daily Motion, hit by more 12,500 peoples from 31 countries by one and half day and awarded by Japan Wild Life Film Festival for the best short film on 2009.

Ridzki currently positioned as director of Mongabay-Indonesia, an environmental news information portal that aims to disseminate environmental information to the public at large. He interested in researching and participated in the writing of the impact of illegal logging in Indonesia, including the prospects of non-timber forest product management in conjunction with the local community as well as researching on coastal areas and connection with life of fishermen. Through his research and media production, he aims to reaching out the Indonesian public audience in order to make them become aware and knowledgeable with various issues of environment, including forestry, mining, oil palm, marine issue, sustainable development, and global warming.