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Indigenous-themed symposium in Constitutional and Institutional Reorganization of State on Wednesday (15/03) marked the start of the 5th Pre-Congress of Indigenous People. It took place in Abdul Kadir Harun Nuh, this symposium will oversee a series of activities that will take place until Sunday (03/19). The first speech was delivered by Deputy IV of Politics and Law, Jaleswari Pramordiawardhani representing Chief of the Presidency Staff, opened the event that began at 9:00 am. Introduction to the discussion was submitted by the...

2016 closed with a great and pretty touchy news for indigenous people. There were so much conflict happened between indigenous people that struggle for their land and other external parties. Finally State recognize the customary land. Of course, this is a sweet present at the end of year for them. This is also be the prospect of their struggle to stand for their land. State protects values of Indonesia. State stands for the people, especially indigenous people. That determination told by...

Jakarta, August 2016 – Politically sovereign, economically independent and culturally dignified are the main objective that are trying to be achieved by The Indigenous People's Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) since the organization was founded in 1999. Seventeen years have passed, but those dreams are still in uncertainty waiting for Indonesian government to ratify the Law of indigenous peoples stalled in the Parliament. Through The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (HIMAS) 2016 which is commemorate throughout the world, AMAN...