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Colonel Kunto; Task Force Commander of Forest Fire that Full of Innovation

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Peatland is the most effective carbon absorber in this earth. Peatland spread on so many places in Indonesia, one of them is in South Sumatera. Unfortunately, nowadays there were so many fire burnt peatland caused by dry season, or it burnt deliberately for particular interests. It makes the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with Indonesia National Army created Task Force for Forest and Peatland Fire.

Colonel Infantry Kunto Arif Wibowo is the commander of Task Force for Forest and Peatland Fire from Korem 004/Gapo, South Sumatera. He responsible to leads the troops to handle forest and peatland fire in South Sumatera. Not only gives the command to guard the stability of forest and peatland in South Sumatera, Colonel Kunto was so innovative while conduct his duty.

Colonel Kunto is figure behind the production of Fire Extinguisher Formula “Nusantara Gapo 44”, Bios 44, and Gapo oil 44. Nusantara Gapo 44 is the fire extinguisher formula from the combination of some of core materials that when it combined with particular stuff, it can change to be foam and extinguish the fire in a short time. Then, Bios 44 is the formula of bacteria that can transform the construction and contents in peatland. It can return the productivity of peatland soil. Another innovation is Gapo oil 44. Gapo oil 44 itself is the eco-friendly alternative fuel that made from oil waste, palm oil waste, rotten fruit, and used tire waste.

His idea to make those innovations appeared from what did he feel when he saw the forest and peatland fire. Beside it, obstacles that he and his troops faced when handle the fire, extinguish method that still manual and not effective enough, and dependence on helicopter that makes increasing of fuel needs also be the background of his innovation. The bad condition of peatland soil after fire also tickled Colonel Kunto to make something that can return the productivity of the soil.

“From those obstacles and problems that we faced, I try to find solution by approach of nature, social, and technology. And with my principles stay at the front, distributed quickly, cheap, and eco-friendly,” he said.

After that, the innovations was socialized to volunteers, press, government, private company, and other stakeholders. Surprisingly, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry ask to those innovations registered to get copyright. He feels so grateful with the positive response from people.

Kolonel Kunto thought how does the innovations can be more optimal and contribute to the prevention and handle of forest and peatland fire. He also hope that peatland in South Sumatera can be sustainable.

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