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Documentary is the most effective media to deliver message. A documentary must be accentuate the fact and promote issues, like environmental issue, political matter, and humanity things. The role of documentary film itself should be supported by the strong idea and content in it. With the great idea and strong content, a documentary film could be deliver the message very well.

INFIS as a house production of documentary sets idea and content as the priority in every film their produced. Therefore, a workshop about documentary production process with focus topic about how to create a good idea and content held on January 17th 2017 ago. This workshop gave for INFIS production team. It aimed to evaluate INFIS documentary that had produced before and strengthen the idea and content in production process of the next documentary.

Wahyu Mulyono, one of INFIS board that has experiences in documentary and journalistic was be the speaker of the workshop. Approximately for seven hours, he gave the “lecturing class” about how to dig the idea and find the strong one, the technique of script writing for documentary,  and how to be a good script writer.

“The power of a documentary film is content. Research, reseach and research was the most important part of process. It will make the documentary has strong content. Of course, it was supported with a good production team, to create the fact and data from the research be a good thing to enjoyed. Cause remember, documentary film still has its entertainment function,” said Wahyu while lectured.

The workshop ended with watch one of documentary film. After it, the team had a discussion based on what they got from the workshop.

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