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Find Out the Role of Tree thru Competition

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Tree stands upright and sturdy. The root pierces layers of soil, saves human from flood and landslide. The leaves are shady and absorb the pollution. The fruits are feed human and animals. Tree also become oxygen bank for all of the living things in the world. More tree means more oxygen reserved. Overall, tree gives us pretty much benefit. This is the goodness from tree that we forget. We should be wise to treat the tree, to treat our environment.

Human and tree should be help each other. Tree helps us from the catastrophe, and human should give the tree space for they live. If the construction more conducted, it means more of the tree be cut down. Whereas every single tree needs very long time to grow.

By see that reality, Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) collaborated with Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS), Sinemataman, Bogor Cinema, and Mongabay Indonesia held “Lomba Film Pohon” (Movie Competition about Tree). This competition aimed to make people realize about how important the trees for the world are.

This competition targeted to the students of high schools and universities. The reason is they are yet understand about the role of trees in life. Therefore, by participated to the competition, they will probe any informations about role and the importance of tree. Another reason is the committee believe to the youth creativity. The creativity would make the way of message delivering unpredictable. It proved with the result, there were so much creative movie that submitted to the competition. The committee even surprised because the total of all the films that submitted is up to 50 films that came from Jakarta, Bandung, Jambi, Bali, etc.

The judges from this competition consist of three people from INFIS, FWI, and Bogor Cinema. On the first selection, 50 films selected into five fiction films, and five documentaries. The selected film will be continue to the next step, by considering the value inside the film, and also from side of cinematography.

At the end, seven the best films selected to be the winner and announced in awarding night on 17 December 2016 at Taman Ekspresi, Sempur, Bogor. Category documentary film winning by Taksu Palemah as the first winner, film Semarang as the second winner, and Rimba Kini as the third winner. While fiction film category is winning by Breathe, Choose Wisely as the second winner, and Baya film as the third film. Last but not least, Surga di Sisi Kota won category of the most favorite film.

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