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Mid-year, INFIS Focused on Initiating DocuCamp

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Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) for the first time organized an 8-day documentary training program, called DocumCamp, in Bogor and Cianjur. Starting from Monday, 10 July 2017, it was attended by 9 indigenous members from Aceh, Central Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, North Sumatera, North Lombok, Tano Batak, North Sulawesi and Riau.

Directly guided by the six founders of INFIS, the training covered everything relating to documentary filmmaking: introduction, history, interview techniques, production processes up to shooting techniques. The participants were also asked to dig deeper into and analyze natural resource-related issues to determine the story/content and deliver it in an attractive audiovisual package.

“When documentaries are viewed as a classroom, we are continuously driven to learn,” said Jhontoni Tarihorang, the chair of the Indigenous Youth Front of the Archipelago (Barisan Pemuda Adat Nusantara/BPAN).

The second training site, Cianjur, hosted the field practice in Kampung Sarongge, in which the participants had to produce a documentary film. Divided into four groups, they had to develop creative content; build the story; shoot, process, and edit footages; and produce a final product. At the end of DocuCamp, each of the groups presented their own film before the INFIS team, who would then provide their evaluation.

“Before we joined the program, we had been briefed on documentary filmmaking and thought that we had had enough knowledge. It turned out that we learned a lot of new lessons, insights, and horizons through the training,” noted Kalfein Wuisan from Wuwuk, Minahasa-North Sulawesi.

DocuCamp serves as a forum for developing human resources, pouring creativity, sharpening knowledge and voicing demand for changes through documentary films. The first DocuCamp was the collaborative work of ‘If Not Us, Then Who?’, the Indigenous Youth Front of the Archipelago (BPAN), Tri Handkerchief and USAID LESTARI.

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