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Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurjanah, MS

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurjanah, MS is the lecturer in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Technology of Aquatic Resource Department, Bogor Agricultural Institute. She was born in West Sumatra, 1959 and decided to focus in fisheries and marine science. She finished her bachelor with Food Resource Management as her majority. After it, she took Food Science for her master degree and Marine Technology for her doctoral studies.

Profesor Nurjanah started her career since 1984-1998 in Foundation of Indonesian Consumer Organization, afterwards she decided to focus in fisheries and marine science on 1986 until now. She was also an editor of Indonesian Fisheries Processing Product Journal. During being editor, she had wrote some of her research journals that can be reach in here.

“Marine sector should be involve the AGBC (Academic, Government, Business and Community). In academic thing, the researcher find the innovation thru the research that could attract businessmen to promote the innovation. After that, the government could support with produce policies that can be beneficial for community, while community become their target (the innovation, market, and the policies). If marine sector development involve those parties, the potency of marine resources could be gainful for the community,” she said.

She thought that there’s no reason for Indonesia to be poor country, because Indonesia has a very potential sea. For example, if the potency of seaweed can be known and managed properly, it could be increase the economy of community. Unfortunately, the utilization of marine resources still doesn’t maximum yet. It finally affect the economy community that become less developed. Profesor Nurjanah added that environmental damage in marine ecosystem also be an important factor for this issue. The damage that came from many places such as land, river, even from the sea itself. That’s why it’s not easy to restore a good marine ecosystem.

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