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Celebrating Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional 2017 (National Waste Awareness Day 2017) The Regent of Bogor took part in cleaning up Puncak, Bogor

Home / News & Update  / Celebrating Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional 2017 (National Waste Awareness Day 2017) The Regent of Bogor took part in cleaning up Puncak, Bogor

The 21 February 2005 landslide in the Leuwi Gajah dumpsite (TPA) suggests there has been something wrong with Indonesia’s waste management. The landslide buried one hundred and forty-one (141) people alive, alerting us all to the significance of good waste management. As a reminder of the disaster, 21 February is declared the National Waste Awareness Day (Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional/HPSN), and has ever since been used to call on the public to work together to clean up lands, rivers and seas from waste.

Welcoming HPSN 2017, Konsorsium Save Puncak invited the Regent of Bogor to take part in cleaning up the waste piles at Cisampay Bridge, and in Kampung Persit, Tugu Utara Village, Cisarua District. A few days earlier, Konsorsium Save Puncak showed a number of waste piles in the region of Puncak, in particular in Tugu Utara Village and Tugu Selatan Village. Left unmanaged, the piles would pose a threat to the environment and the health of the people living nearby.

To see the real conditions on the ground, the Regent finally decided to celebrate the Day in Puncak. Speaking before the audience, she said that the waste was dumped by irresponsible visitors coming to Puncak, one of the very popular tourist destinations in Bogor. The waste places a great burden on the district government of Bogor. “The district of Bogor produces up to 1.2 million tons of waste annually while the district government can only manage 25% of it,’ said the Regent. She was then brought to Kampung Persit to observe the piles. Waste piles were seen along the riverbanks of the Ciliwung. Not far from them lies a spring from which the surrounding communities have been getting water for domestic uses. 

Seeing the situation, the Regent said that she and Konsorsium Save Puncak would seek a solution to the problem along with the communities. The first effort was to remove waste piles in five sites. Following the Regent’s visit, Konsorsium Save Puncak convened representatives of the community, including the head of Tugu Utara Village, and they agreed to start the cleaning movement in Kampung Persit, Kampung Cibulao, Kampung Teladan, and Kampung Kramat. Another site is slated to join but the community needs to be consulted first.  

“Thank God, much progress has been made in an effort to gain the trust of the government and of the communities in Puncak. This marks a milestone in the development of a collaborative waste management in the entire upstream of the Ciliwung,” remarked Ernan Rustiadi, the Coordinator of Konsorsium Save Puncak.

Lifting the “Let’s do it!” spirit, HPSN 2017 successfully attracted 200 volunteers from Konsorsium Save Puncak, Eco Village, Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) and other partner organizations. Working hard all through the day, the volunteers managed to remove as much waste as four 8-m3 trucks and one 15-m-long trailer dump truck. 

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