What is the Indonesia Nature Film Society?

The Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) is a creative home and part of Rekam Nusantara Foundation. Established in 2013, INFIS focuses on making documentaries and taking photographs of Indonesian nature and culture. 

We are deeply interested in exploring Indonesia's natural and cultural wealth, from human journey to biodiversity and seafloor ecosystems. 

We share our works through audio and visual media, as well as other forms of communication. We welcome fresh ideas and suggestions in order to widen our reach and create a real contribution to the community. 

Launched in 2017, DocuCamp is an INFIS documentary film-making training programme with professional mentors from various relevant fields of expertise, including independent filmmakers and environmental media practitioners. 

Its participants discuss with mentors about skills required for producing documentaries, such as media research, data processing, in-depth analysis, interviewing, story development, and screenwriting. With these, participants gain an understanding about any media content discourse and have a strong fundament of information processing. 

 DocuCamp currently has a network of alumni from a variety of backgrounds and interests. 

You can find some of our works on our work gallery and Indonesia Nature Film Society YouTube channel. Follow us on our social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.   

We are delighted to know that our works have a broader impact, thanks to the dedication and hard work of all of our personnel who are devoted to capturing meaningful, high-quality visuals. Therefore, we respect both the copyright of the work and all the individuals involved in each process.  

Reproduction without the permission from those who are entitled to any photographs or videos is a form of copyright infringement. 

We would be pleased to talk more about using our footage and photographs for non-commercial purposes. We are also willing to provide elaboration on this if necessary. 

Please email your request to info@inaturefilms.org or send direct messages to our social media platforms if you intend to reuse our footage or photographs. Our team will assist you with the next procedures. 


Let's work together. We are more than open to opportunities. Please email us at info@inaturefilms.org