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Film Community in Palangkaraya Produce Documentaries About People and Peatlands

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Palangkaraya, September 2016 – Awareness to save peatland in Central Kalimantan needed to get support from various part. This initiative made some film communities in Palangka Raya to create a documentary about peat-land forests and social economic of the Central Kalimantan people. Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) with USAID Lestari Katingan-Kahayan Landscape and Mongabay Indonesia supported that activity by provide video documentary workshop which held on September 8th – 9th, 2016 at Golden Christian School, Palangka Raya.

Some representatives of community and institution such as Save Our Borneo, Ranu Welum Media, Golden Christian School, MAN Model of Palangka Raya, Rumah Baca Hijau, Kaliwood, White House, 536 TV, Street Activity and My First Movie was participated on that workshop. “This workshop is important for increase community awareness and knowledge about forest fires, peat-land and haze. Because as this far they’re less understanding about that issue even though it was the closest issue to them. They’re still assume that haze smog is just annual phenomenon, no action needed,” Said Roro, one of workshop participant from Ranu Welum Media.

The workshop started with review the meaning of documentary and the stages of the documentary video making, while discussed about some film that produced by INFIS or other community, and it followed with idea exploration, build the stories and set the film planning on the second day. Een Irawan Putra from INFIS as a speaker hopes by means of this workshop, the film community in Palangka Raya could be more productive  to create a documentary film with themed environment, forests and peat-land from the perspective of socio-cultural economy of Central Kalimantan local community, especially the people around Katingan-Kahayan landscape, “Local film community need to be more empowered, so they can participate to deliver information about natural resources management in Central Kalimantan and the salvage efforts of it. As the young generation, they must have to be invited to participate in reduce the impact of forest fires.” Een also said that the community which involved will receive funding to produce their own film, starts from the shooting process until post-production. These documentaries will be privy into a writing and documentary film competition which will be held in Palangka Raya, on mid October 2016.

A documentary film with title Gambutku Sayang, Gambutku Hilang (My Lovely Peatland, My Lost Peatland) produced by Rumah Baca Hijau, 536 TV dan My First Movie Palangka Raya. The production process was carried out since September 24th 2016, it started with shoot the peat canals that built by President Joko Widodo in 2015 at Tumbang Nusa, Pulang Pisau and continued with interviews with peatland expert in Palangka Raya. Roro hope through this workshop and documentary competition, there will be more information about peatland, forest fires and haze that packaged in a film that easy to deliver to the people of Central Kalimantan. “With the film we want to change the paradigm of Central Kalimantan people so they want to put shoulders together in taking action to reduce the occurrence of forest fires and haze, and also preserve the sustainable peatland,” added Roro.***

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