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Hutan Tropis, Melodious Voice for Environment

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Struggle and campaign about peatland and environment can be through many ways, not only by action and  direct advocacy to the community, do demonstration, or negotiate with government for express the aspiration for better environment. Create something that contain the ideas about sustainable environment is one of the effective way, can be enjoyed by all people, and more elegant. It can create in various forms, visual, audio, or audiovisual.

Hutan Tropis (Tropical Forest) is one example of people struggle for environment by their opus. They are a group band from Palembang, South Sumatera, which active creating songs since 2014. These group members are Jemi Delvian as Vocal-Gitar, and Herwin Meidison as Guitar-Backing Vocal. Yes, they are group band, not literally tropical forest.

Hutan Topis used as the group name because source of their inspiration are nature. Jemi as vocalist tell to INFIS when he was a student in Jogjakarta, he twice back went to his hometown in a year, at Bintuhan Village, sub-district Kota Agung, Palembang. “Everytime I go back to hometown, i saw environmental damage such as illegal logging, water crisis which caused community should walked 5 kilometers to get access for clean water, increasing hotspot that caused by forest fire which often happen in Sumatera every years. Seeing all of those, I won’t do nothing and waiting for collapse, I need to do something to save and bring people to save environment” said Jemi.

Thru his skill in music, Jemi writes song with environmental theme. In writing song, Jemi also assisted by rhymester from Palembang, Taufik Wijaya. As their group name, Hutan Tropis often get invitation to perform in environmental event. Although Hutan Tropis very welcome for more general music event tho. Through Hutan Tropis, Jemi and Herwin held music workshop to high school students, and also gave education about sustainable environment and how to save it to community which live beside the forest.


They have 25 songs, but only 18 songs had already published. Another seven songs are still waiting for publishment. All of the songs contain value about nature, such as Kepak Semesta (Universe Wing), Penjaga Belantara (Jungle Guard), and Kebun Terakhir (the Last Garden).

INFIS made them video clip on 1-17 December 2016, for song titled Balada Bujang Gambut (Ballad of Peatland) and Bumi Bukan Hanya Hari Ini (Earth is Not Only for Today). Shooting process did in peatland and historical place in South Sumatra, Talang Tuo site.

By working on music, Hutan Tropis giving a very big hope for nature preservation. Environmental problems are not only be imposed to one side, because everyone have the same responsibility. Keeping nature is common task. We have so many ways to increase people awareness for environment. By music, Jemi hopes the positive messages more acceptable and be memorized to all people.

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