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International Youth Conference For Environment, GIN Kalimantan 2016

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Palangkaraya, September 2016 – for the first time Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) supported by USAID Lestari participated into youth conference Global Issues Network (GIN) 2016 that held by Bina Cita Utama School and Borneo Nature Foundation in Borneo. The event that taken place from Sept 16th to Sept 18th 2016 succeed to engaged 100 students from Palangka Raya, together with more than 100 students from Jakarta, Bali, Korea, Singapore and Australia with the age range between twelve until seventeen years old to collaborate and take many knowledge from the presenters that came from various region in Indonesia. Palangka Raya was selected as the ideal place for this event because it has wide network of so many NGO’s in it, easy access for international participants, the strong identity of culture, and the wealth of biodiversity in its forests. These are open the chance to learn and do some collaboration for all people to involve together and make a move to the sustainable future.

This conference aimed to arouse spirit and inspiration of participants to find practical solutions for environmental problems around them. Through a series of workshop roam the forest and introduction to Dayak culture, the participants invited to get involve into any discussion about recycle activity, human rights, sustainable development, marine protection, wildlife conservation, and food security. This interactive workshop engaged organizations and local communities in Palangka Raya such as Borneo Nature Foundation, Borneo Production International, Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan (Borneo Permaculture Foundation), Ranu Welum Media, Earth Hour Palangka Raya, and Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Some of NGOs and national media such as Mongabay Indonesia and Wildlife Asia also shared their knowledge and information in that event. Besides workshop activity, the participants could enjoy photo exhibition that showed the beauty and uniqueness of flora and fauna in Borneo which are captured by Indonesian and international photographer. Photo installation that displayed at outdoor is expected to raise up the participant’s commitment to make a move, apply their knowledge and skills that they already got from the conference.

Robi Supriyanto, vocalist of Navicula band that crowned as Asia Youth Leader 2016 came as special guest and invited to entertain the participants at the last night by sang Rimba (Jungle) song. Besides Robi, the famous chef Rahung Nasution also came and shared knowledge about food security. Vocalist of Hutan Tropis band and member of Peatland Restoration Team in South Sumatera, Jemi Delvian also came to the event. He is currently struggling for some action to save peatland in South Sumatera by raising the cultural side of the Kingdom Srivijaya in manage sustainable peat-land. Two films about peatland, the potential of fisheries, and Orangutan that produced by INFIS with USAID Lestari Katingan-Kahayan Landscape also screened in front of 300 participants and enlivened the event at the last night.***

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