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King of Krakatoa Attracts Youth Enthusiasm to The Natural Research World

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“Prof Tukirin could strenghten my belief that learning directly with nature can give much more knowledge”

said Faizal, the documentary team leader from INFIS on the launching of King of Krakatoa that held on Sept 4th 2016 at Galeri Salihara Pasar Minggu. “Although my background comes from Biology, I earned so many new knowledge when I was in Krakatoa with Prof.Tukirin. We tried to record and visualize this into a documentary film”, he added.

Film King of Krakatoa tells us about Prof. Dr. Tukirin Partomihardjo, a researcher from LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) that spends more than half of his life to do research about succession in Krakatoa since 1981. He recorded more than 600 species of plants that grow and live after Krakatoa erupted, until they formed a unique ecosystem of vegetation in that small island. But ironically, Krakatoa as the nature laboratory has face some challenges caused by irresponsible tourism activity behavior that impact on its ecosystem.

These background motivated INFIS and Mongabay Indonesia to make a documentary film that could motivate young generation of Indonesia to love nature from research approach. This 24-minutes length movie directed by Een Irawan Putra and produced with Mongabay Indonesia succeed to attract enthusiasm more than 150 participants that came from various background in that night.

“Research often looked as an unreachable holy place because it is only can be enjoyed by researcher, it’s hard to reach young people that doesn’t have access to any scientific publication. This kind of film could motivate young people to have love on the nature, environment, and research world. I believe, through a right research approach, all of the government decisions will be done in the right way,” said Prof. Tukirin in front of participants that attend the discussion. Besides Prof. Tukirin, Prof. Eny Sudarmonowati as Deputy of Life Science from LIPI, and Dr. Maman Turjaman as the Head of Microbiology Laboratory from Researcher Center for Forest and Nature Conservation Forestry also came into the discussion that night.

Next year, Prof. Tukirin will get retired at 65 years old. He really hopes there will be Indonesian researcher that continue his study about Krakatoa. “Still there is so much mystery and knowledge that could revealed in Krakatoa.”

Besides its launch screening at Galeri Salihara, this film also screened at Indonesia’s National Museum of Natural History (Museum Nasional Sejarah Alam Indonesia) in Bogor at “Night at the Museum” event that held on Sept 24th 2016, followed by LIPI Youth Science Fair 2016 at LIPI building Gatot Subroto Jakarta on September 26th 2016 and Pakuan University Bogor on October 1st 2016. The screening will continues to have a roadshow in Indonesia.***

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