INFIS is home to activists who have a passion for documentary films and has concerned to develop and bring the Indonesian richness of nature and culture to the public.

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Written By: Een Irawan Putra During the During the DI/TII rebellion (one intending to turn the republic into an Islamic state), a war between the Kahar Muzakar’s troops and the Indonesian Army broke out in Sae – the Ambalong customary territory. All the rice paddies were abandoned as the community fled the area. After the war ended and DI/TII was disbanded, they returned in the late 1990s and opened up the land again as they ran out of rice. They had...

This year Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita (lit. If Not Us, Then Who) put on another public screening of six documentaries, followed by a discussion, on Friday (5/5) in the Hall of Law Faculty of Pattimura University, Ambon, starting from about 11.00 local time (GMT+9). The six documentaries are Penjaga Pulau Jagaria (the Guardians of Jagaria Island), Patani, Pulau Yang Terbebas Dari Kelapa Sawit (Oil Palm-Free Island), Semunying, Dari Para Leluhur (From the Ancestors), and O’Hangana Manyawa. The discussion that followed...