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Documentary Film Making Training for the Youth

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Following the success of the 2017 DocuCamp, Yayasan Rekam Nusantara/Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) held the 2018 DocuCamp in Bogor and Cianjur on 3-10 September 2018. Taking part in the training were 7 (seven) young people from Lampung, Siberut, Bogor, Kupang, Jayapura, and Sorong.

What made 2018 DocuCamp different was that it was open to the public, especially the youth who were interested and eager to deepen their knowledge of how to make audiovisual works. The selection process required candidates to submit a resume, and an essay in which they elaborated what they thought about documentaries. They also had to explain what they were going to do after the training.

The training consisted of both in-class sessions and field practices, covering introduction, idea generation, interviewing, shooting and editing. The trainees were mentored by the 6 INFIS’s founders. Opening the 2018 DocuCamp, INFIS’s Executive Director Een Irawan Putra introduced the trainees the training materials and the history of Yayasan Rekam Nusantara.

During the training, the trainees learned about how issues surrounding forests, wildlife, marine, and fisheries are viewed from documentary perspectives from Yokyok ‘Yoki’ Hadiprakarsa and Irfan Yulianto. Intensively, the trainees were trained by Wahyu Mulyono to produce an idea, develop premises, collect data and information, take footages, do interviews, and put them into practice in Sarongge, Cianjur.

Prior to shooting and interviews, the trainees were also briefed on who the targets of the documentaries are. “It’s of considerable significance to map the key actors and formulate a catchy key message to draw attention to conservation,” noted Ridzki R. Sigit, one of the mentors. Still, during the briefing, Nanang Sujana gave the trainees time to have an active discussion. He noted “(Making) a documentary is a long process involving continuous learning. So, be consistent and maintain quality.”

Having learned theories, the trainees were divided into three groups and given time to put the theories learned into practice. The themes (ideas) for the documentary to make were coffee, sheep and organic vegetables. Each of the footages taken was reviewed and discussed for improvement to make them suitable for publication. Then, the trainees underwent a two-day editing training session in INFIS’s office in Bogor, in which the trainees edited and then presented their short documentaries before the mentors and staff of INFIS.

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