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Screening of 6 Documentaries in the City of Music

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This year Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita (lit. If Not Us, Then Who) put on another public screening of six documentaries, followed by a discussion, on Friday (5/5) in the Hall of Law Faculty of Pattimura University, Ambon, starting from about 11.00 local time (GMT+9). The six documentaries are Penjaga Pulau Jagaria (the Guardians of Jagaria Island), Patani, Pulau Yang Terbebas Dari Kelapa Sawit (Oil Palm-Free Island), Semunying, Dari Para Leluhur (From the Ancestors), and O’Hangana Manyawa.

The discussion that followed was moderated by Sam Difinubun of Perkumpulan Kaoem Telapak and was attended by Jacky Manuputty, one of the subjects in Penjaga Pulau Jagaria, who is also one of the initiators of coalition #SaveAru. He emphasized in the beginning of the discussion that communities have growing awareness when threatened. “Inside a forest is harmony, in a forest lies balance. If forests are destroyed, the balance is disrupted,” he said. He firmly noted that #SaveAru serves as a test case to learn how solidarity and advocacy are mobilized.

Jacky also said that the concept behind #SaveAru movement is to build social solidarity among the communities in conflict by managing and meeting extremely serious challenges together. The movement is also supported by people from a wide range of ethnic groups, religions and disciplines.  “We should not be defeated, even from the conception. That’s why we have to raise awareness of the importance of management,” he stated.

Adding to what Jacky had begun, anthropologist and lecturer at IAIN Ambon Dr. A. Manaf Tubaka expressed his view that we were in fact the custodians of communities. “The problem is, we are now facing national corporation. We are simply enjoying our self-enjoyment. Be cautious, don’t let our earth’s lungs disappear,” he asserted.

Book writer and indigenous people watcher journalist M. Aziz Tunny expressed his concern that Indonesia is a tropical country serving as carbon sequestration, but massive logging and forest conversion has caused global warming, which in turns drives anomalies in the weather systems.

Responding to the six documentaries, Moluccas youth leader and coordinator of Pena Marjinal Hanfry Matruty views #SaveAru as a perfect social movement and comes to existence as a result of long advocacy and awareness raising work. “Many of us know, understand and are aware but take no action. Harsh words are not needed, contribution is,” he said, closing the discussion that day.

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