INFIS is home to activists who have a passion for documentary films and has concerned to develop and bring the Indonesian richness of nature and culture to the public.

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Palangkaraya, September 2016 – for the first time Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) supported by USAID Lestari participated into youth conference Global Issues Network (GIN) 2016 that held by Bina Cita Utama School and Borneo Nature Foundation in Borneo. The event that taken place from Sept 16th to Sept 18th 2016 succeed to engaged 100 students from Palangka Raya, together with more than 100 students from Jakarta, Bali, Korea, Singapore and Australia with the age range between twelve until seventeen...

Palangkaraya, September 2016 – Awareness to save peatland in Central Kalimantan needed to get support from various part. This initiative made some film communities in Palangka Raya to create a documentary about peat-land forests and social economic of the Central Kalimantan people. Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) with USAID Lestari Katingan-Kahayan Landscape and Mongabay Indonesia supported that activity by provide video documentary workshop which held on September 8th – 9th, 2016 at Golden Christian School, Palangka Raya. Some representatives of community...