Captures Indonesia Nature and Culture

Produces documentary work to communicate simple truths
that reflect the poetic dimensions of the human soul
in its connections with nature and environment.

Strategic Communications for Social Impact

Develops communication strategies that broaden reach
and expand social impact by delivering impactful conversations
through online and oine presence

Applying Lesson Learned and Wisdom of a Community

Conducts research and build strong partnerships with local entities
to promotes an integrated approach in preserving nature
and adapting climate change

Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) is a film production unit of Rekam Nusantara Foundation, based in Bogor, West Java. INFIS is home to activists who have a passion for documentary films and has concerned to develop and bring the Indonesian richness of nature and culture to the public. INFIS has aimed to produce high quality documentary that could promote changes to preserving Indonesia nature and cultures.

INFIS founded by media experts of environment issues and researchers for wildlife and marine biodiversities.
 INFIS works closely with a number of other organizations (national and international level), developing close partnerships with local NGOs around the countries as well as engaging with indigenous groups, and local communities.

With vast experience and well knowledge of Indonesian nature and culture, INFIS core team became the first Indonesian won international award in nature and wildlife filmmaking.In 2008, collaborated with Handcrafted Films (London-based production company), we won Best Cultural Message in 31st International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana. In 2009, we became Best Asia-Oceania New Comer Award in 9th Japan Wildlife Film Festival, the biggest wildlife film festival in Asia.

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