Tanggal rilis
07 March 2017
Een Irawan Putra
Ridzki Rinanto Sigit, Wahyu Mulyono
David Herman

King Of Krakatoa

Krakatoa is valuable to science. The only tropical place on earth to study island succession processes is Krakatoa. In Indonesia, Krakatoa was created by nature for humans to study about the creation of life on an island. Nature has provided the stages of succession in Krakatoa from the first stage to the third stage. These stages demonstrate a highly complex process.

Learning from the formation of life in Krakatoa, in 1883 all life ended in the island. It took centuries for the island to become a forest once more.

Hope in the future this knowledge will belong to the Indonesian people who will own their land and determine their government policies based on the studies done by the country’s own minds. Let us become masters of our own nation.