Release date
23 August 2019
Faizal Abdul Azis
Een Irawan Putra
Faizal Abdul Azis

The Future of Giant Guitarfish and Wedgefish

The Pantura (the northern coastline of Java) in Central Java is one of the largest landing sites of giant guitarfish and wedgefish. Both species are now important commodities with economic value in marine fisheries sector. Despite being classified as bycatch, they are caught in a relatively high number and are intensely traded. The inclusion of both species in Appendix II of CITES is proposed at the COP18 Summit, indicating that they would be categorized as endangered if the trade activities continue on. 

 Data collection and preliminary analysis have been conducted in three locations to identify how biological, ecological, or socioeconomic aspects relate to the capture of giant guitarfish and wedgefish, as the basis for fishery management in the future.